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Making Your Stay Convenient

Experience ultimate luxury with our fully furnished homes and apartments featuring top-quality kitchenware, linens, and entertainment amenities, including TV, cable, and high-speed internet. Our Corporate Housing properties are located near your worksite, and come equipped with an on-site or in-unit washer and dryer, for added convenience. Indulge in all the comforts, and conveniences, of a home away from home with our Corporate Housing offerings.

Stay Within Your Approved Budget

Who says premium accommodations can't be affordable and flexible? Not us. At Stay Atlas, we offer customized temporary living arrangements that cater to our largest clients in tech, construction, nursing, and consulting. We work closely with you to ensure that we stay within your budget while accommodating individuals or crews for half the cost of traditional hotel stays, resulting in thousands of dollars saved. With Stay Atlas, you can expect a truly premium experience without breaking the bank.


Do You Do Custom Cabinets?

Yes! We have a lot of experience with custom cabinets. We can make any size cabinets that will help suit your needs!

Do I Get To See Drawings Before The Cabinets Come In?

Yes, you will see the drawings before we start manufacturing them. If you do not like the initial drawings, we will do a second one for free. However, after the second draft we will begin charging for further revisions.

What Are The Minimum and Maximum Amounts Of Cabinets I Need To Order?

There is no minimum amount or maximum amount. You can order 1 cabinet or you can order 1000+ cabinets. We are willing to make any number of cabinets that you need.

Do You Work With Developers And General Contractors?

Yes! We love partnering with local (we are located in Kitchener-Waterloo) developers and general contractors! If you are in need of a quality cabinet maker and installer please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can negotiate a partnership. We love collaborating on long-term (or short-term) projects that involve residential or commercial properties.

What Type Of Properties Do You Make Cabinets For?

We make cabinets for the following properties:

- single-detached homes
- duplexes
- townhomes
- apartments
- general residential properties
- general commercial properties

However, if your job requires cabinets for a different type of property, don't hesitate to contact us as we may be willing to help you out if we are able to!

How Long Will It Take To Have The Cabinets Made And Installed

Each job is different and has a different timeline. You will be given a rough timeline or we can negotiate one if you need them done earlier.

Will I Be Charged For A Quote?

After you have been given a quote you will be asked if you want to proceed with the job. If you accept, the quote will be free. If, however, you decide not to proceed with the job you will be charged for the quote.

Do The Cabinets Come With A Warranty?

Our cabinets come with a 3 month manufacturing warranty. This means that if your cabinet is defective due to manufacturing (as opposed to other causes such as water damage, scratches made by you, etc...) we will fix it for free. However, if the damage or defection is due to something other than the manufacturing process the warranty is void. Should there be a dispute over the cause of damage or defectiveness Catana Built Cabinets has the final say and the right to void any warranty at will.

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